Whether it’s a cake for a birthday or a baby shower,
decorated cakes is a Blackbird specialty. All of our cakes are
made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients.When considering a Blackbird cake for your event you have
a few options for cake flavors. You may select a cake from our Seasonal Cake Menu, our Homestyle Cakes, or a Custom Cake. The Seasonal Cakes are usually available in the bakery
in a daily basis but as always, to assure availability please allow
48 hr notice for all cake orders.Blackbird will write on most cakes (some cake finishes prevent writing) free of charge. For any decoration beyond a simple message, we charge $40 per hour. Decorated cakes can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like. If you would like, our cake decorators will be happy to work within a budget.
Homestyle Cakes
The Homestyle Cakes are just that- cakes that your mom (or some other sweet person) might have made for you. You can choose from our chocolate or white butter cake, then choose a frosting and/or filling (no filling in unsplit sheet cakes). Please see our list of flavor choices below.

  • Italian Merigue White Chocolate buttercream
  • Light Chocolate bc
  • Dark Chocolate bc
  • Mocha bc
  • Espresso bc
  • Cream Cheese frosting (Lightly flavored with fresh orange zest)
  • Strawberry, Raspberry or Blackberry buttercream

Homestyle Pricing

    Homestyle Pricing

  • 6″ $33
  • 9″ $50
  • 1/4 sheet $50
  • 1/4 sheet split (with a filling layer) $50
  • 1/2 sheet $100
  • 1/2 sheet split (with a filling layer) $100

Custom Cakes
As with Wedding Cakes we can make you almost any cake
that you want, although there are some limitations. Call us
and the cake folks will be happy to discuss it with you. More than 48 hour notice may be necessary for custom cakes.

Gluten-free * & Vegan Options
We do offer gluten-free and vegan cake options. Please call
and talk to one of our cake decorators to see what choices
are available this season.

Are cupcakes your wish? Blackbird makes a variety of delicious cupcakes all year round!
Our pricing ranges from a basic cupcake to one with ‘fancy’ decoration.
We ask for a minimum order of 6 cupcakes per flavor & 12 each for additional flavors.

  • Basic (cupcake + delicious frosting) $3.25
  • Alternative Delicious (gluten-free or vegan) $3.50
  • Simple (cupcake + delicious frosting + simple decoration) $3.50
  • Filled Basic $4.25
  • Fancy (cupcake + delicious frosting + fancy decoration) $3.75+

As with all cakes please allow 48hr notice for cupcake orders.

* Gluten Free Folks: Although we make every effort to keep our gluten free products just that (using rice, tapioca, soy and potato flours mostly) because we do have gluten flours in our baking environment we cannot guarantee no trace gluten presence in our goods.Thank-you.