Blackbird Bakery



All of our wedding cakes are custom made exclusively to fit the style and flavor of your wedding. We enjoy collaborating with each couple and the creative process of designing every wedding cake. Below is a list of some of our most popular cake flavors to choose from or to use as an inspiration for your own ideas. Please note that some of these choices are seasonal. Gluten free choices available.*

Triple Shot
Rich dark chocolate cake infused with coffee liqueur and filled with espresso ganache, mocha buttercream and espresso buttercream. A coffee lover’s dream.

Chocolate Mousse
Our dark chocolate cake is filled with rich chocolate mousse. This cake can be enhanced with a thin layer of raspberry puree for those who like a little tart with their sweet.

Three Berry
Honoring regional berry flavors these cake layers can be white butter cake or chocolate and are filled with fresh berry buttercreams and purees: strawberry, raspberry, marionberry. A beautiful cake sliced.

Nutty Devil
Dark chocolate layers filled with white chocolate mousse, infused with mint and studded with pistachios.

Caramelized Hazelnut
Our dark chocolate cake with frangelico, praline buttercream and caramelized hazelnuts.

Lemon Lavender
White butter cake perfumed with organic lavender blossoms and filled with our handmade lemon curd.

Lemon Blueberry
White butter cake layered with our handmade lemon curd and blueberry compote.

Named for its rich sweetness this is a fragrant almond butter cake filled with Amaretto pastry cream and sliced sugared almonds.

The queen of carrot cakes made with pineapple, coconut and pecans. Filled with a cream cheese frosting, perfumed with orange zest.

Coconut Cream
Coconut cake infused with rum liqueur and filled with our delicious coconut cream.

Italian Cream
A rustic cake of almond or hazelnut torte layers, filled with Amaretto mascarpone cream, fresh fruit purees and seasonal fresh berries. This cake is finished with toasted almonds and beautiful swirls and mascarpone cream. Available only with a rustic finish. Gluten-free.

Our version of the popular italian dessert. Tender sponge layers soaked in coffee liqueur and filled with amaretto mascarpone cream.  Available only with a rustic finish.

Salted Caramel
Dark chocolate cake infused with vanilla, layered with rich dark chocolate ganache, caramel buttercream and sprinkled with grey sea salt.

We traditionally finish our wedding cakes with white chocolate buttercream. Other popular choices include ganache, ganache buttercream, dark chocolate buttercram, cream cheese buttercream, fondant and marzipan.

* Gluten Free Folks: Although we make every effort to keep our gluten free products just that (using rice, tapioca, soy and potato flours mostly) because we do have gluten flours in our baking environment we cannot guarantee no trace gluten presence in our goods.Thank-you.